Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Summer 2009 Ends With Sharks Off Cape Cod

What a end to Summer 2009 on Cape Cod. Sharks brought more visitors than the beaches did.
The South Side Beaches in Chatham had to be closed because of White Sharks. That's right. JAWS was here in 09.
The seal population off the coast has grown. It would appear the sharks are in the area for a easy meal.
Cape Cod has not has a human vs shark encounter since 1936.
Scientist where able to tag 3 sharks off The Cape over Memorial Day Holiday and the days after. Certainly a good time for the study of Great White Sharks.
Shark fishing in the waters off New England have always been good. One of the largest Shark Tournaments use to be held in Hyannis.

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This video has bad sound, but shows the sharks off Cape Cod clearly.

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