Sunday, June 28, 2009

Mosquito Warning For Cape Cod

June 2009 was a rainy month for the all on New England. With moisture comes mosquito's. The nasty bug has been a concern to humans for 1000's of years.
With the heavy June rain and budget cuts Cape Cod Mosquito control agencies are issuing warnings for the insect.
The Mosquito can carry deadly disease. Yellow Fever & Dengue Fever make people very sick and has killed millions of people around the world. In New England Eastern Equine Encephalitis a Mosquito-transmitted viral diseases causing brain inflammation/encephalitis and West Nile Virus are the biggest concern.
The most well known outbreak of mosquito born disease happened during the construction of the Panama Canal. The entire project was shut down do to the pest.
Things you can do:
Remove Standing Water on your property.
Wear long pants and long sleeve shirts
Stay indoors during dawn and dusk
Wear mosquito repellent

We have found some product you may like for combating these nasty critters. The most effective method we found to protect property are Mosquito Magnets.

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