Sunday, December 20, 2009

Blizzard Sparks Snow Removal Services On Cape Cod

Just a few day before Christmas 2009 Cape Cod was hammered by a blizzard that blew from the Northeast. That always makes for winy conditions with heavy snow drifts.
Snow Removal around the area takes on a life of its own. People from all aspects of life get involved. In almost every neighborhood a group of local get together and go door to door looking for snow removal jobs.
The trick to finding someone to help dig you out is two fold. One make sure your house looks like you are home. Leave a outside light on and try to make the front look approachable. Second is be patient. Most people who want to go out a shovel snow wait for a storm to stop. Once this storm subsides those seeking the work will be out.
Some tips if you live in a area not visited by local teens or tradesmen is Craigslist. Many companies and individuals post ads on the website. CL has a page for just about every area in the USA.
If you can't find people who are looking for work post a help wanted ad on CL.
Use Twitter. Simply do a search for Snow Removal Service + Your Area. You will find services in your area. Send them a direct message and send a @ to them. It works!
Snow Storms on Cape Cod can be the most wonderful thing if you take a positive stance. It may seem rarer but it really isn't. The Cape and Islands get some severer weather all times and season.

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